The Problem With Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

We’re observing more examples, on TV and online, of over-the-counter hearing aids. Getting help for hearing loss is supposed to be easier with these instruments. They also maximize the affordability of hearing assistance. But medical experts and even government officials have some serious concerns about some of the repercussions of using over-the-counter hearing aids. Some […]

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How is Tinnitus Improved by Hearing Aids?

At one point or another in your life you’ve most likely heard some ringing in your ears. And that ringing has a name: tinnitus. According to most studies, 15-20% of people experience tinnitus at any given time. Usually, it’s fleeting. But chronic tinnitus, a ringing that won’t go away, can be uncomfortable and disconcerting. The […]

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Essential health information is missed by an estimated 43% of patients over the age of 60, according to recent studies. Important information, when it comes to health care, might be missed because of hearing loss. There is a Worldwide Hearing Epidemic Hearing loss is a major issue. Worldwide, a third of people who are 65 […]

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