Hearing Aids – a Cure For Tinnitus?

It’s generally not clear what’s causing tinnitus (a buzzing or ringing in your ears). However, there is one thing researchers agree on: you are more likely to experience tinnitus if you also are suffering from hearing loss. Up to 90 percent of individuals who suffer from tinnitus also have hearing loss according to HIAA. Your […]

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Musicians Take Heed: This Can Harm Your Health

International reggae music icon, Bob Marley, has a quote that has no doubt resonated with musicians and music lovers of all genres. In describing the power of music, the Jamaican-born Marley said: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” While physical pain may not accompany the music enjoyed by […]

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A noisy workplace isn’t all that great for your ears (or your focus, for that matter). Even modest noise, when experienced for eight hours a day, can start to undermine the health of your hearing. This is why questions like “what hearing protection do I need?” are worth asking. Many of us probably didn’t even […]

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There is a solid connection between mental health and hearing loss according to new studies. Beyond this connection, both disorders have something else in common – they frequently go overlooked and neglected by patients and health professionals. Recognizing there is a relationship could potentially enhance mental health for millions of individuals and provide hope as […]

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“Why do I hear a ringing noise in my ears?” “How can I make that sound go away?” You may be suffering from tinnitus, a common hearing affliction that manifests sounds in your ears that no one else can hear, if you find yourself making these types of statements. You’re not by yourself. Millions of […]

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Secrets to Preventing Hearing Loss

Chances are you’ve already detected that you don’t hear as well as you used to. Normally, we don’t even recognize that our decisions are negatively impacting our hearing. Many kinds of hearing loss are avoidable with several basic lifestyle changes. Let’s explore six unexpected secrets that will help you protect your hearing. 1. Manage Your […]

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Roughly two million workplace injuries are documented each year. Typically, we think about a hand caught in a piece of machinery or a flying projectile when we consider work-related injuries. But the most prevalent workplace injury is far more pernicious and frequently goes unreported. It sneaks up on people extremely gradually over the course of […]

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The Hidden Cause of Solitude Among Adults

The chances of having to deal with hearing loss increase as we get older. Millions are living with some degree of hearing loss. Unfortunately, people dealing with hearing loss often wait seven years after the first symptoms show up before finding help. Many older adults decide to dismiss their hearing loss, which can negatively impact […]

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