You care deeply about your loved ones and want to do something to show them? Truly listen when your loved ones talk to you. That requires, of course, the ability to hear. Research reveals one out of three adults between 65 and 74 is experiencing hearing loss and millions would benefit from wearing a hearing […]

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Try This First When Your Hearing Aids Are Faltering

If you have hearing aids, you should be capable of hearing, right? When they aren’t working right, it can be downright frustrating, it’s a total “You had ONE job” scenario. The good news is, with regular maintenance, your hearing aids should continue to function efficiently. Before you do anything extreme, consider this list. It might […]

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How Research Helps You Hear

Researchers at the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) might have cracked the code on one of hearing’s most bewildering mysteries, and the future design of hearing aids could get an overhaul based on their findings. The enduring notion that voices are singled out by neural processing has been debunked by an MIT study. According […]

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Present Day Hearing Aids Are Quite Sophisticated

It seems like all our devices are getting stronger, smarter, and smaller. Generally speaking, the trend is that devices do more and take up less space. This is also true for hearing aids, and it’s not a surprise. Though hearing problems have many different causes, hearing problems are more prevalent among older people, and the […]

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Your Hearing Can be Improved by Music

The saying “Music to my ears” may soon have a very different meaning to people suffering from hearing loss. Exposing children to music can have a beneficial effect on hearing as is highlighted by a joint study carried out by the University College London and the University of Helsinki. Gauging Speech-in-Noise Performance Researchers observed 43 […]

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The holidays are upon us, and large family gatherings and meals in crowded restaurants can be particularly tough for people with hearing loss. Everyone is talking loudly and at the same time. It becomes even more difficult for individuals who have hearing loss when you add other noises like background music, chairs scraping, and dishes […]

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