How to Talk to a Loved One About Hearing Impairment

When your mother is always several seconds too late to laugh at the punchline of a joke or your father quits talking on the phone because it’s too hard to hear, it is time to discuss hearing aids. Even though a quarter of individuals aged 65 to 74 and 50 percent of people over the […]

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Hearing Loss Related Health Issues

From depression to dementia, numerous other health problems are connected to the health of your hearing. Here are just a few of the ways your hearing is linked to your health. 1. Diabetes Affects Your Hearing A widely-cited study that evaluated over 5,000 adults determined that people who had been diagnosed with diabetes were twice […]

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Suicide And Tinnitus: Here’s What You Need Know

Tinnitus, as with many chronic conditions, has a mental health component to it. Coping with the symptoms isn’t the only obstacle. It’s coping with the symptoms continuously never knowing for sure if they will go away. Unfortunately, for some, tinnitus can bring about depression. According to research carried out by the Stockholm Public Health Cohort […]

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Did You Realize Your Hearing Affected This

Hearing is one of our most vital senses and one that we frequently don’t appreciate or protect until it’s too late. Socially, mentally and physically, our lives are enhanced with good hearing. If you’re not protecting your hearing or ignoring your hearing loss, you are compromising your overall health in ways you may not have […]

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You get up in the morning, and there’s ringing in your ears. This is weird because they weren’t doing that last night. So you start thinking about likely causes: you haven’t been working in the workshop (no power tools have been around your ears), you haven’t been listening to your music at an unreasonable volume […]

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As your loved ones age, you expect things like the need for bifocals or stories about when they were your age or changing hair color. Another change commonly connected with aging is hearing loss. This happens for many reasons: Some medications or medical treatments like chemotherapy that cause structural harm to the ear, exposure to […]

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Is your hearing protection failing to protect your hearing? Look out for these three things. Despite your best attempts, you can sometimes encounter things that can mess with your hearing protection, both at home and at work. And that can be aggravating. You’re attempting to do the right thing after all. You use your earmuffs […]

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Surprise – This Can Cost You Your Career

When people are at an age where they are still working, their job is often a large part of their self-worth. Their self-image is frequently based on what job they have, their position, and their pay. What’s the first thing you think when somebody asks, “So what do you do”? It’s probably to tell them […]

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Your Mental Health Relies on Taking Care of This

Did you realize that age-related hearing impairment impacts approximately one out of three individuals between the ages of 65 and 74 (and about half of those are over 75)? But even though so many people are impacted by hearing loss, 70% of them have never used hearing aids and for those under the age of […]

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