Suicide And Tinnitus: Here’s What You Need Know

Tinnitus, as with many chronic conditions, has a mental health component to it. Coping with the symptoms isn’t the only obstacle. It’s coping with the symptoms continuously never knowing for sure if they will go away. Unfortunately, for some, tinnitus can bring about depression. According to research carried out by the Stockholm Public Health Cohort […]

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You get up in the morning, and there’s ringing in your ears. This is weird because they weren’t doing that last night. So you start thinking about likely causes: you haven’t been working in the workshop (no power tools have been around your ears), you haven’t been listening to your music at an unreasonable volume […]

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How is Tinnitus Improved by Hearing Aids?

At one point or another in your life you’ve most likely heard some ringing in your ears. And that ringing has a name: tinnitus. According to most studies, 15-20% of people experience tinnitus at any given time. Usually, it’s fleeting. But chronic tinnitus, a ringing that won’t go away, can be uncomfortable and disconcerting. The […]

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