A noisy workplace isn’t all that great for your ears (or your focus, for that matter). Even modest noise, when experienced for eight hours a day, can start to undermine the health of your hearing. This is why questions like “what hearing protection do I need?” are worth asking. Many of us probably didn’t even […]

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Secrets to Preventing Hearing Loss

Chances are you’ve already detected that you don’t hear as well as you used to. Normally, we don’t even recognize that our decisions are negatively impacting our hearing. Many kinds of hearing loss are avoidable with several basic lifestyle changes. Let’s explore six unexpected secrets that will help you protect your hearing. 1. Manage Your […]

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Roughly two million workplace injuries are documented each year. Typically, we think about a hand caught in a piece of machinery or a flying projectile when we consider work-related injuries. But the most prevalent workplace injury is far more pernicious and frequently goes unreported. It sneaks up on people extremely gradually over the course of […]

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Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

How would you deal with it if your hearing aid stopped working at the worst possible time. Such as when you’re in an important meeting. No one wants that to happen! It’s important to invest in hearing aids for your hearing, your happiness, and your general health. You will get the greatest possible benefit from […]

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There are lots of health reasons to stay in shape, but did you realize weight loss supports better hearing? Research reveals children and adults who are overweight are more likely to experience hearing loss and that healthy eating and exercising can help strengthen your hearing. It will be easier to make healthy hearing choices for […]

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Get a Hearing Test For These 6 Reasons

Our lives are busy and hectic – from our jobs to preparing meals to social events. It most likely seems like there’s not enough time to get your hearing examined. And maybe you don’t even recognize any hearing loss – so you believe a hearing test can wait. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait: 1. Further […]

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