Musicians Take Heed: This Can Harm Your Health

International reggae music icon, Bob Marley, has a quote that has no doubt resonated with musicians and music lovers of all genres. In describing the power of music, the Jamaican-born Marley said: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” While physical pain may not accompany the music enjoyed by […]

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There is a solid connection between mental health and hearing loss according to new studies. Beyond this connection, both disorders have something else in common – they frequently go overlooked and neglected by patients and health professionals. Recognizing there is a relationship could potentially enhance mental health for millions of individuals and provide hope as […]

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The Hidden Cause of Solitude Among Adults

The chances of having to deal with hearing loss increase as we get older. Millions are living with some degree of hearing loss. Unfortunately, people dealing with hearing loss often wait seven years after the first symptoms show up before finding help. Many older adults decide to dismiss their hearing loss, which can negatively impact […]

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Trips to the ER can cost you time off work, and also personal pain. What if you could lessen your chances of accidents, falls, anxiety, depression, and even dementia while also eliminating trips to the ER. Using your hearing aid can be the difference between having an engaged healthy life and taking many trips to […]

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Signs of Aging Are Slowed Down by Hearing Aids

You’ve been searching for a way to retain your youthfulness as you get older. Diet, exercise, and vitamins have all been part of your program. You’ve spent more money than you’d like to admit on retinol creams and hair growth programs. You even signed up for a Yoga class. You can stay happy and youthful […]

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How to Keep Alzheimer’s in Check

How to Keep Alzheimer’s in Check Make no mistake: there are several ways that you can maintain your mental acuity and ward off disorders such as cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Social engagement and participation in the workforce are among the most notable. Whatever methods are used to deal with cognitive decline, however, keeping […]

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Trouble With Your Hearing Aid? Try This

Hearing aids have been demonstrated to benefit your health in unsuspected ways including improving cognitive function, minimizing depression, and decreasing your risk of falls. Which is why it can be so aggravating when these devices have malfunctions. When you begin detecting screeching feedback, or when your hearing aids abruptly stop working, expedient solutions can make […]

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